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About Us
Caltech Instruments is exclusive authorized distributor for Buiged Laboratory Instruments (Gaungzhou) Co. Ltd originally formed in 1963. Buiged Laboratory Instruments have grown to an internationally recognized business with a worldwide customer base which includes the world’s leading paint and coatings manufactures and users. Now Caltech’s team over 30 years’ experience of professional consultants, qualified engineers, and technicians etc will support to overall activities. Caltech’s experience, long performance and proven results contribute to our success story. We also provide after sales support and technical expertise for products supplied by us.

At Caltech, we have relevant training and experience in the instrument repair and calibration very high experience of 10-30 years of experience in instrument calibration and test equipment repair disciplines. All our major instruments are calibrated by NABL accredited laboratories and per international standard ISO 9001

All kind of test equipment calibration, repair and services are generally provided in 3-4 days’ time frame. Minor to intermediate adjustments to return equipment to within manufacturer’s specifications is assured.
Original Coating Performance
Ink and Printing Instruments
Balance/Oven/Water Bath
Weathering Tester
Testing before Spraying
Test Substrates
Standard Expendable Items
Petroleum Tester
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