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  • ISO Flow Cups
    ISO Flow Cups
    ISO Flow Cups produced by our company are in accordance with International Standard ISO 2431,DIN 53224, EN
  • Line Drying Time Recorder
    Line Drying Time Recorder
    The various stages of drying and curing that occur in films are easy to detect but difficult to define in terms of chemical and physical principles.
  • Four-sided Applicator
    Four-sided Applicator
    Aflexible and easy to use applicator, combining 4 gaps size in one unit. The cylindrical shape provides excellent results particularly on firm substrates
  • Digital Whiteness Meter
    Digital Whiteness Meter
    Digital Whiteness Meter consists of light filter, sample clamp and photo-detector. The total whiteness is the whiteness of blue light R457.
  • Color Assessment Cabinet
    Color Assessment Cabinet
    The cabinets come supplied with different lights and are controlled by a microprocessor LCD Screen that shows each Lighting usage Time.
  • Precise Computer Colorimeter
    Precise Computer Colorimeter
    This is a mainstream brand colorimeter introduced by BIUGED which has synthesized the advantages of ten more traditional importedcolorimeters
  • Automatic Scratch Tester
    Automatic Scratch Tester
    This motorized apparatus is dedicated to coating hardness evaluation based on scratching resistance method.
  • Rotational Abrasion Tester
    Rotational Abrasion Tester
    Rotational Abrasion Tester is applicable to determine abrasion resistance performance of various coatings.
  • Printing Proofer
    Printing Proofer
    High quality proofs using gravure, gravure-offset or flexo inks are produced instantly using the BGD Printing Proofer.
  • Precise Oven
    Precise Oven
    Microprocessor PID temperature controller with temperature control protection, digits display and timing function ensures a precise and reliable temperature control.
  • Three Roller Grinders
    Three Roller Grinders
    Three rollers grinder use good quality material as drive section, its transmission gear adopts oil-immersed way and the operative handweel is transmitted by gear
  • Salt Fog Cabinets
    Salt Fog Cabinets
    The salt spray test is a standardized test method used to check corrosion resistance of coated samples.
  • High-Speed Dispersing Machine
    High-Speed Dispersing Machine
    he round saw tooth-type dispersion tray influenced by the electromotor will be dispersing in the container to effect the solid and liquid dispersion, moisturization,depolymerization.
  • Sand-Milling Dispersing-Agitator
    Sand-Milling Dispersing-Agitator
    BGD 750 series Versatile Sand-Milling dispersing-agitator is a new product designed by our company. It is equipped with two sand-milling discs.
CALTECH INSTRUMENTS - Mumbai India based company provides full range of paint testing instruments. Over the past decade with our extensive professional experience and providing excellent support for domestic and international supplies to worldwide users of paint & coating and research laboratories and other segments of industries. All the quality products are provided with competitive price with excellent service includes Viscosity, Coating Performance, Application, Color, Gloss, Thickness, Adhesion, Hardness, Flexibility, Impact, Abrasion, Tensile, Ink, Printing Instruments, Oven, Water Bath, Dispersing, Weathering Tester, Salt Spray Cabinet, UV Weathering Tester, Xenon Test Chamber, Climate Cabinet, Tools, Resistance Ohmmeter, Temperature & Humidity Tester, Moisture/Roughness, Standard Substrates, Charts and Grinding Beads and many more.
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